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Highly motivated team commits to customer projects. Customer’s target is our goal. We don’t create fancy slide shows, our focus is in the subject! Our product makes common sense and it is tailor made to customer needs. Solutions are practical and aims to add value. We are social persons with analytical way of thinking.

Lars Karlsson
Founder and CEO
BBA, Marketing

+10 years of Biofuels

+10 years of Supply Chain Management

+10 years of Sustainability Compliance

+10 years of Logistics

+10 years of ERP-systems

Guest lecturer at Aalto University

Deep understanding of Oil and Biofuel Business.

Pentti Laitakari
B.Sc. Tech.

Research Engineering 7 years

Oil and Biofuels Business and Compliance 30 years

  • Oil Products wholesale

  • Biofuels for transportation

  • Biofuels sustainability

  • Fuel standards

  • Transportation fuels and trading legislation

  • Excise duty

  • Authority reporting

  • ERP-systems

Vesa Pääkkönen
Project Manager
VQBA, Marketing
Nelli Karlsson
Finance Manager

Sales and Marketing at Insurance and Finance +30 years

Project Management +5 years

Customer Management and Market Analysis +4 years

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