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Compliance Support

BioMOC supported Finnish bio methane producer based on request of international customer. Bio methane producer was applying EU approved voluntary scheme and BioMOC supported in the process in order for producer to achieve the certification.

Business Process and ERP Renewal -Program

BioMOC was responsible with the help of business for setting and determine biofuel business and sustainability requirements to world's largest biofuel producer's and Finnish oil refiner’s ERP renewal program. Project included designing of the solution in co-operation with business and systems integrator.

Supply Chain Support


BioMOC’s network and support enabled Finnish bio diesel producer to establish partnership between Finnish bio diesel feedstock producer. Project included compliance and profitability checks on behalf of the bio diesel producer.

Business Model and Sustainability System Set-up

BioMOC designed and implemented business model change for Finnish oil retailer which target was also to became a whole seller of transportation fuels including bio fuels. Program included logistics development, stock accounting tools, compliance reporting and authority licensing.

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